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 ​​​​​​​As a true extrovert, I'll calm your camera anxiety with my approachable demeanor and a sense of humor carefully honed through years of movie marathons.

 I'll carry that light-hearted energy into your wedding day as I create an easy-going environment where you can let loose, laugh and be yourselves in front of the camera.

The last thing you want to be nervous about when you're in front of the camera is connecting with the person behind the camera.



Rather than feeling forced or staged,
you and your partner will have the physical and emotional
freedom to simply melt into this experience.

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As a new parent, I know exactly what it feels like to want to hit pause on the milestones, big or small.

It is my honor to document your family's most impactful moments and unique relationships knowing that these photos create a legacy you'll share forever.

Photos have the unique ability to bring us back to the people and emotions in the frame. 



It was like having an old friend photograph our wedding.  His uplifting energy and spirit really lifted the whole wedding party; he made taking pictures in a suit on a hot beach fun and exciting.

I grew up adventuring in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, a heavily forested area of coastal plain that stretches across more than one million acres. These woods shaped my appreciation for how beautiful and precious the world we live in is.

Like memories, if these woods are not preserved, they too will be lost forever. 

I'm an advocate for our environment.


My wife and I have hiked 100+ miles together, from the South Eastern Sierras to Patagonia. There's nothing like that thrill of accomplishment when you crest a mountaintop just as the sun breaks over the horizon!

I bring the belief of "Leave no trace" from adventuring into photography. That way, you can enjoy an experience that gives you everything but takes nothing away from the feeling.

On my open weekends, my family and I love to hike together. 


While entertaining, funny, and nostalgic, movies like these also made a huge impact on the way that I see the world. Values inspired by those films, like chivalry and being true to oneself, are woven through the core of my business.

So everyone who works with me feels accepted and encouraged to make their day their own without fear of judgment.

You can always catch me marathoning classic adventure films, like Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Star Wars. 


In college, I spent my summers working beside my dad in his commercial construction company. During that time, I realized my love for architecture and fast-paced environments.

Photographing weddings is a natural extension of those two loves, and you'll often find me creating sweeping landscape photos of you and your wedding venue. 

I'm a second generation entrepreneur! Before becoming a wedding photographer, I worked in the family business. 


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