Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Pro Tips

What is a unplugged wedding?

Simple. I think you get the idea. 🙂

Q: Why should we have a unplugged wedding ceremony?

A. You invested in professionals. Your hired photographer’s photos will be be sacrificed by LCD screens and people stepping in the pro’s shot (sometimes right in front of the camera), the aisles, etc., and all the while trying to photograph the same thing at the same time. You’ve made the investment us as your professional photographers. Let the pros do their best work.

A. The noise. The noise of multiple guests powering up/down cameras, of ringtones going off accidentally, of someone’s battery signal beeping in the middle of those moments of silence is distracting. Unplugging your wedding means all electronics are turned off, just like you’re at a movie theatre or a at the Jersey Boys play up in New York City. It’s a way of showing respect for the ceremony, for the officiant, and especially for the wedding party.

A. You want to see your guests. You want to see your guest’s faces, not their fancy iPhone 25 case. Often times people put their devices directly in front of their faces which will disconnect them from what is in from what is happening! Want to remember who was sitting in the front row during the ceremony? Hopefully you can recognize them by the brand of their phone(apparently everyone is a chewed up apple).

A. You want your guests to participate fully. And lastly, and what I think is probably the most important, this is your once-in-a-life-time event. You have put a lot of time and effort into making it perfect. You have invited some of your closest family and friends to share in the beauty of the ceremony and celebrate your union. This is not the place for guests to show off their paparazzi skills.  It is a place for them to be present.

We get it.  The need to have something for yourself and to share that amazing moment in just a split second is such a cool notion.  For us as photographers we will absolutely embrace this.  In fact there have been times where is it just easier to take out my Samsung Galaxy S10 and take a selfie or even on to stop quickly and take a photograph on one of my long and arduous backpacking excursions!  There are plenty times for it but it is just not now.

In comes Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

The wedding day experience is so very important to not only our couples but to the families and friends that get to experience them.  It is a moment to take off of work and to rejoin the relationships you have taken time to build.  The countless dinner dates, the crazy sporting events, the beerpong(mom still doesn’t know, but shhhh) games you won and the other amazing times that helped to build a foundation of smiles and happiness when in the midst of each other.  That is what a wedding is all about so why not enjoy every moment of it, right?

Q: Why mess up a good thing?

The papparazzi has arrived!  Shamefully we’ve all had a moment of “am I in your way” but for these events, we only get to do them once!

A: We have a solution!

Now you’re thinking “how do we have a unplugged ceremony”?  Unplugging your wedding is actually a lot more simple than we think.  It is becoming more and more common, there are tons and tons of ideas on how to successfully pull it off. The first places that come to our mind are Etsy and best of all Pinterest. One very effective way I have seen is to create or purchase a playful and fun sign that will be displayed near the entrance to the ceremony.

Q: Want to see more ideas for your wedding?

Click here are a few ideas for signs on Pinterest!


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